Sadie graduated from NTU in 2017 with a BA in Textile Design. In 2018 she went on a long trip travelling Asia and in that time it really opened my eyes to the world and to just how much waste we are producing as humans. During this trip Sadie thought about how she could made an impact no matter how small it is.

She started Sadie Alys to try and start making that impact. She made the first pair of dungarees in July 2019 and since then never looked back. When it comes to making clothes patterns she is self taught and love to design her own fabric to make into clothing. Sadie Alys offers full transparency with people about every step of the process and as we grow as a business we want to make changes to make my brand more and more sustainable with an emphasis on slow fashion and making clothing to last.

Sadie Alys is now made up of Sadie and Elysia and occasionally Sadie's mum when things get really busy.

We design, make, package and send all the clothes myself from the Sadie Alys studio in North Wales and I truly love making items people can wear with pride